Welcome to Trilliums Unlimited!

I do custom seed collection of Trillium grandiflorum and T. erectum based on your order. The seeds are collected from the wild (10% of any given population) here in Vermont  around mid July or later and shipped immediately. I do not collect seeds that have not been ordered ahead of time. I take orders up to the time of collection in mid July.  Payment must be received prior to collection. An invoice will be sent to you via email. If you are outside the continental United States, I will provide a phytosanitary certificate. There's no charge. The seeds are sold by weight. Click on the right for prices. At the present time I do NOT sell T. g. roseum, T. erectum alba, sulcatum or pusillum. Working on it!!

I have been able to ship seeds to Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand with relative ease.

Please read the article I wrote on Trillium Propagation by clicking on "Propagation Info" in the sidebar to the right before you order seed. I want you to understand how to germinate the seed before you purchase them. The seeds take two years to complete germination and another 3-6 years for the plants to flower. It's not hard to germinate them....just takes patience!!

I am also selling 8+ year old T. grandiflorum plants that have flowered. I ship either dormant potted plants or dormant rhizomes bareroot in the early fall. Plants and rhizomes are $8 each. The shipping is less on rhizomes. I do not ship plants outside the continental United States. Orders for plants must be made in the spring so I can select the best and set them aside for later shipment.

I have been growing Trilliums from seed since the late 90's They are a wonderful addition to the shade garden.